They say charity starts at home, and so does cleanliness. A clean house helps maintain the aesthetic beauty of your home, promotes positivity among family members, and keeps everyone disease-free. Some even consider household chores like cleaning, dusting, and washing as a form of physical activity. But recent research suggests that you should not consider domestic housekeeping to be your only form of physical activity. So, why spend so much time and effort on it, when you could use that time to focus on your health and spend time with your family?

Here are 5 ways you can streamline your domestic housekeeping, and devote more time to the job that really matters – spending time with your loved ones.

Get Creative

You may often spend more time searching for your cleaning tools than in the actual cleaning. This is a common problem faced by most homemakers in their domestic housekeeping endeavours. One creative way to solve this is to have a makeshift cleaning caddy. If you don’t wish to invest in a branded product, you can simply use a bucket and store all your cleaning essentials there.

Follow a Process

The most effective way is to follow a set process or a method. The Top-to-Bottom cleaning method can be quite effective if you have a lot of loose items lying around at home. Start by clearing off the loose items from atop the furniture and store them into designated baskets for each room. Dust, wipe, wash, or clean the furniture surfaces and floors. Once this is done, place these loose items back where they belong.

Allocate Zones

It is usually not possible to clean every nook and cranny of your house each day. This is why it is essential to divide the house into specific zones. You can begin allocating zones based on their need for daily cleaning and/or dusting. Most people agree that not all areas of their house accumulate the same amount of dust. Hence, focusing on the more dirty areas often is a crucial strategy to help you save time on domestic housekeeping. 

Seek Help

Most consider seeking help from family members as the last resort. But this is the most obvious way to help you combat those household chores faster and easier. Asking the rest of the family to partake is always a good way to enhance domestic housekeeping. You can delegate certain tasks to family members who have the right skill sets. This will also help increase family bonding through collaborative activities. However, if other family members aren’t able to find time, there is always another option.

Seek Professional Help

There is nothing wrong with seeking professional help! If you think you are overburdened by the intensity of household chores and require the assistance of a professional housekeeper or maid, there are a ton of options available. There are a number of home cleaning service providers who have a roster of professional maids ready to assist you in domestic housekeeping. For example, Qatar Maid Service offers expert Kitchen Cleaning, Room CleaningDeep Cleaning, as well as Laundry and Ironing services.


It is of utmost importance that you start reducing the time you devote daily to household chores and domestic housekeeping. While ensuring the health of your family is important, being there for them as a support system is equally significant. Moreover, if you are stuck at work for long hours, you should never compromise on the cleanliness of your home. It’s never too late to call for help. Qatar Maid Services offers a range of domestic housekeeping services to help you focus on your family, and not on chores.