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Yes, Qatar Maid Service provides professional house cleaning services. This includes cleaning all the possible rooms in your house. It also includes add-ons like cleaning your garage, furniture and upholstery, floor and carpet, as well as mirrors, windows, and doors.

Qatar Maid Service offers both Regular Cleaning and Deep Cleaning services for your house. With regular cleaning, you can maintain your Bedrooms, Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Living Areas including Hallways and Stairs spic and span. On the other hand, with deep cleaning, the process is far more refined and comprehensive.

Qatar Maid Service is highly affordable when compared to the competition. Besides that, Qatar Maid Service uses industry-proven methods and equipment for cleaning. Moreover, prioritises ensuring the safety of your personal belongings above anything else because of its extremely honest group of employees.

Asteco, Qatar Gas, Sidra Hospital, Concorde Hotel, Parsons, Sitaff Qatar, Kellogg Brown and Root Service Ltd., Capstone Qatar, and even the Doha International Bureau are some of the most renowned and reputed clients of Qatar Maid Service. Hence, you can rest assured that the clean-up process is being done based on a decade-long experience.

Qatar Maid Service provides the service of professionally trained maids and housekeepers at your doorstep. Moreover, with rigorous testing and satisfaction, Qatar Maid Service offers 100% satisfaction. Finally, the rights of property security for the client are extremely important. Hence, Qatar Maid Service ensures maximum security of data about suppliers and distributors.

Qatar Maid Service provides maids with two types of training courses. The first program is the On Arrival Maids training program. This program grooms maids as per the operational standards of Qatar Maid Service. Another program is the quarterly Refresher Course that helps in upskilling the maids and keeping their knowledge current and relevant to industry trends.

A babysitter at Qatar Maid Service is trained to care for your child. You can expect our babysitters to feed your child, supervise their playtime, bathe, groom, and even dress up your child. In the case of infants, you can expect our babysitters to change diapers, and keenly observe and report the health of your infant while you are away.

Qatar Maid Services offers 5 main types of services under the category of laundry and ironing. These are – Ironing, Starching, Dry Washing, Wet Washing, as well as Stain Removal. However, the stain removal service is subject to the type of stain and whether it is practically removable upon treatment with chemicals.

Yes, we offer serving, clearing, and cleaning services as part of our event/party helpers package.

Yes, Qatar Maid Services also provides professional window and facade cleaning services for offices and other commercial spaces.