Outsourced Housekeeping is hiring your housekeeping staff from an external organization or outside sources. This is a common practice in both traditional offices and industrial workplaces. Specialists recommend outsourced housekeeping, because of reduced costs and increased operational efficiency. Apart from this, there are many more benefits of hiring a professional housekeeping service, a few of which are listed below.

  • In Eliminating Fire Hazards

According to OSHA’s Hazardous Materials Standard, combustible waste should be “stored in covered metal receptacles and disposed of daily”. Keeping combustible materials in the workplace might result in an emergency. Hence, sprinkler controls are recommended to maintain a distance of 24 to 36 inches from fire extinguishers. The stock needs to be cleared out if it’s up to a height of 15 feet. Any spark in the electrical area needs to be fixed effectively immediately.

  • Preventing Slips and Falls

All workplaces need to be sanitized and cleaned properly for the workers to have a good environment to work in. Suitable flooring and appropriate implementation of cleaners is a   direct advisory too. Oil and grease are very hard to wipe off if not used with the right cleaning protocols. To replace damaged flooring and clean areas which aren’t easily cleaned, Qatar Maid Service is here to help. A professional housekeeping service would clean up the clutter and keep aisles clear of items like nails and splinters. 

  • Controlling Dust

Air quality and dust are the major concerns of a workplace. Accumulation of dust of more than 0.8 millimetres might lead to increased levels of dust exposure for your employees as well as guests. Dust can also reduce the lifespan of equipment, thus compromising the quality of your costly equipment. Professional housekeeping services control dust exposure and prevent fire hazards. Vacuuming, sweeping and water wash-down are the preferred methods of cleaning. By using high-efficiency systems and wet methods, they make sure to clean walls, laptops, computers, ceilings, corners and other places of your office or hotel.

  • In Decluttering Clutter

A cluttered workplace eats up all the space and leaves no room for the workers to walk freely. This might lead to many unwanted slips, trips, falls and injuries. Therefore, there is a dire need for decluttering your workplace regularly, to ensure consistent productivity at your office. Moreover, the main exits of the workplace, the doorways, and stairways need special attention too. The tight schedules of the employees often do not allow them to be mindful of clutter in these areas, which can result in workplace accidents. Professional housekeeping services can help you easily declutter and that too at affordable rates. 

  • By Avoiding Tracking Materials 

Sloppy mats in the work area or home might lead to precarious injuries. A wet cloth could give birth to various diseases, if not changed at regular intervals. The cloth used to mop oil should not be used on other things. Additionally, by wiping off the dirt regularly, you might save yourself from harmful irritants. On top of that, workers working in factories should change their uniforms before going home. Apart from following the basic protocols, an expert housekeeping staff needs to be hired to get more work done in less time.

Hire a Professional Housekeeping Service 

Most of the five-star rated hotels and organizations today outsource housekeeping. Companies like Qatar Maid Services have packages customized according to your needs. Moreover, outsourcing to Qatar Maid Service means your management will no longer need to micromanage housekeeping. Hence, you can now focus on your core businesses and leave the housekeeping to experts like Qatar Maid Service.