All of our cleaners are insured and bonded; therefore you don’t need to worry about the safety and security of your place. QMS ensures that client’s property is safe and secured. We have strict security system in place. Each day check- in and check-out for the cleaner is conducted by professionally trained Security Guard. Any items/goods [given by the client], the maid should have a WAIVER from client or the invoice for the items if they have purchased. Any unusual items/objects without waiver or invoice are questionable. If proved guilty the case considered as gross misconduct leading to deportation. If any unresolved issue, QMS fully supports its client to assist in further investigation including involvement of Police.
For your assurance, QMS has ZERO tolerance policy for any theft. We always advise Clients to keep all valuables including important document safe and secured to avoid any confusion between client and cleaner; and have a clearer, better & safer place to work in with confident. Since QMS inception time we have NIL record of theft/missing.
Approximately, 60% of the total clients, QMS owned the spare key for the clients’ apartment/villa; and this is the TRUST we built up with our valued clients in the past 5 years.