We offer commercial cleaning services in Qatar, As part of our cleaning services.Best commercial cleaning company, Qatar Maid Service provides office cleaning services in Qatar to your retail stores, shops, restaurants, malls etc. Our company offers services that meets the requirements and standards of the modern commercial environment. To meet your requirement, our professional cleaning team can provide part-time cleaning service or full time cleaning service as per your need and as per your time.

What is commercial Cleaning service?

      • Retail Cleaning Service

      • Shop Office Cleaning Service

      • Store Cleaning Service

      • Mall Cleaning Service

      • Market Cleaning Service

      • Super Market Cleaning Service

      • Hospital Cleaning Service

      • Clinic Cleaning Service

      • Restaurant Cleaning Service

      • Club Cleaning Service

      • School Cleaning Service

      • Health Centers Cleaning Service

    Where we clean in your office?

        • Reception Areas

        • Desks and Workspaces

        • Hallways

        • Stairs and Elevators

        • Restrooms

        • Floors

        • Office Kitchens (Microwave and Beverage Station)

        • Lounges and Break Rooms – Common Areas

        • Store Room

        • Parking Area

        • Visitors Roo

      What we do corporate cleaning service?

          • Vacuum carpets cleaning

          • Wash all floors

          • Empty and clean wastebaskets

          • Cleaning of Individual Workspaces/Desks

          • Cleaning and sanitization of restroom facilities

          • Cleaning of kitchen including micro oven, refrigerator and cooking utensil and other facilities

          • Telephone Sanitization

          • Vacuuming to get rid of the dust

          • Wiping places that are hard to reach otherwise

          • Cleaning Parking area

          • Vacuum and mop stairs

          • Vacuum and mop office floorµ

          • Cleaning of Curtains

          • Cleaning of Sofas