Dust is a substance that is introduced to the environment and has negative effects on health. Mostly invisible and floating in the air, settling down on windows, furniture, the floors of homes, offices and commercial spaces.

Dust usually emanates from sand and rocks. The other forms of dusts are pollen, mites, microscopic organisms are also part of dust. In the urban areas dust and pollution is created due to construction, industries and man are to be blamed.

Dust particles which are naked to our invisible eyes move into homes and offices through any existing openings or when doors are opened and even when people visit your homes and office carry dust. This starts as a very fine layer on the room corners, furniture’s, books and keeps adding.

Dust effects health, it effects our lungs and breathing and can also cause skin allergy, coughing, sneezing.

One can clean the home of office on the surface but what really counts is cleaning the stubborn dust, cleaning places and corners, window panes, crevices, mattresses with the right equipment.

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