Winter is the perfect time to wrap yourself under the blanket and stay at home by the fireplace. Which is why it is extremely important to clean during the Winter season. Hiring a professional cleaning service in Qatar would help you declutter your house and make it look polished. This will help you feel more comfortable around the house. Here are some tips and tricks for you to declutter your house in winter. 

Steam Cleaning the Carpets and Furniture 

Our shoes accumulate dirt and can cause irritants to spread across your room. Moreover, it may lead to stubborn stains that are the hardest to clean. While you may think steam cleaning in winter is a good option, you might be faced with a pertinent smell later. It is much easier and hassle-free if you leave it to professionals. Steam cleaning by professionals is an easy way to clean dirt and dust-covered furniture. 

Take Care of your HVAC

Replacing your air filters every three months and conducting a cleaning service for your air ducts is extremely important. Not only does the air stay clean, but it also regulates balanced airflow. The accumulation of dirt in your HVAC ducts and vents needs to be cleared up more frequently in winter. Hiring cleaning services like Qatar Maid Service is an affordable way to do this.

Clean Behind the Fridge

Your fridge is the most unmoved object in your home. The walls and the floor around your fridge need to be cleaned thoroughly to avoid excess dirt and clutter. However, you may not be able to do this by yourself. Hence, it is advisable to contact a specialised cleaning service like Qatar Maid Service. 

Deep Clean the Kitchen

Drawing the dust out of your drawers and cabinets to deep clean kitchen and organising them is a must on your winter decluttering schedule. Winter is also the perfect time to clean your pantry and de-grime your backsplashes. The oven also needs deep cleaning from the back to prevent pest infestation. Moreover, maintaining your chimney’s health reduces the risk of chimney fires. All of this can be achieved swiftly with Qatar Maid Service.

Wash the Windows 

Your windows face the maximum amount of soil and dust coming from outside. Therefore, window cleaning is an essential task on your Winter cleaning list. It not only improves the outward aesthetic of your house but also prevents germs from the external environment from invading your home.

Clean your HVAC Radiators

A thorough cleaning of your HVAC radiators is important for the proper circulation of heat. The dust in your radiators reduces the heating power by up to 30%. You can clean your radiators at home by using a wet cloth and a vinegar-based cleaner. To relieve yourself of this hassle, you can also contact professional cleaning services in Qatar. 

Do not Forget the Hidden Germs

There are germs hidden in your laptops, door handles, and remotes. These are the places which harbour bacteria as we often forget to clean them. Long-lasting viruses can survive in places like these. Do not leave these places uncleaned and unsanitized. You can use a disinfectant to clean these areas. 

Hire the Experts 

A lot of us look forward to winter only so that we can feel comfortable in our own households. To cart off the cluttered mess your house can be in, contact Qatar Maid Services. The trained professionals at Qatar Maid Service can help you declutter your home easily during winter. Save your energy to enjoy the winters while professional cleaning services ensure your house is clutter-free.