“Cleanliness is next to Godliness” is a proverb we have all learnt since our formative years in school. But it is only after joining a professional workplace that most of us realise its true essence. Staying clean and organised at the office is as vital as being genuine and honest about your work. This is why most companies hire professional office cleaning services to maintain cleanliness and hygiene at the workplace. Qatar has an abundance of professional cleaning services and this may lead to a dilemma when selecting the best one. Here is our take on how to choose the best out of several renowned office cleaning companies in Qatar.

References can be crucial

The first thing you should look for in a commercial cleaning company in Qatar is their references. Have they worked with prestigious companies in Qatar? Do they have valid testimonials? All of these are important factors to consider when choosing from among the best office cleaning companies in Qatar. You could also check out reviews of the cleaning company on third-party platforms or even Google. 

Service capability is a must

While many commercial cleaning companies offer a host of services, not all of them have full-service capabilities. Full-service capabilities for office cleaning companies in Qatar usually include janitorial services, HVAC cleaning, floor cleaning, machine scrubbing, window cleaning, and carpet cleaning, among others. Instead of hiring different companies for different cleaning services, it is always easier on the budget to hire one full-service commercial cleaning company. 

Prevent liabilities during cleaning

Liability insurance is something that most commercial cleaning companies do not tell you about. Imagine a situation where an employee of an office cleaning company damages an expensive piece of hardware at your office. In such a case, if the office cleaning company has liability insurance, then your costs of damage will be compensated for by the insurance provider. When looking for the best office cleaning companies in Qatar, you should therefore enquire about liability insurance beforehand. 

Look for honesty more than reliability

While reliability is nice to have in a commercial cleaning company, honesty is usually prioritised more. The employees of a commercial cleaner will be working in your office and coming in close contact with company assets and some private property of your employees. Hence, you need to ensure that the hiring practices of the office cleaning company screen only the most honest candidates. It is therefore not a bad idea to ask about the hiring process of the office cleaning companies in Qatar that you have shortlisted. 

Enquire about the use of chemicals

There are numerous brands of commercial cleaning agents available in Qatar. However, not all of them may be as safe as you’d like for your workplace. When deciding on hiring office cleaning companies in Qatar, you should always ask about the type of cleaning agents they use. Some of the safest and most effective commercial cleaning agents include R1, R2, R3, and so on to R9. Each of these is designed to work on specific surfaces. Only hire office cleaning companies in Qatar that conform to using these safe cleaning agents.

Final Thoughts

Among the many renowned commercial cleaning companies in Qatar, Qatar Maid Service checks all the boxes in the list mentioned above. With legitimate references from prestigious organizations, full-service capabilities, valid liability insurance, an honest workforce, and the use of industry-standard cleaning agents, Qatar Maid Service is your obvious choice. Apart from being the largest residential cleaning service in Qatar, Qatar Maid Service also offers affordable and high-quality office cleaning services. It’s a service you can not only rely on but a service that you can consider your own.