Your bedroom is your space to relax and unwind. Therefore, it is a given fact that your room must be clean and fresh in order to enjoy the space. So, how do you deep clean your bedroom quickly so you have more time to destress and relax? Here are some of the quickest ways you can create a sparkling room in jiffy.

Gather the cleaning tools

Before you start to clean your bedroom make sure you have all the necessary equipment and tools to clean. You don’t want to be in a situation where you have to drive down to the nearby supermarket for an essential scrubbing tool, in the middle of your cleaning routine. That would mean a further delay for your relaxation time and a waste of time and energy. 

Here are some of the tools and equipment that you might need for your bedroom

  • Vacuum cleaner with different cleaning heads
  • A mini ladder
  • A pair of rubber gloves
  • Minimum 5 pieces of microfiber cloths. 
  • A small bucket of Soap water
  • A bucket of Plain water
  • Bug spray
  • Disinfectant spray
  • Glass cleaning solution
  • Fresh bed linen

Although this may not be an exhaustive list, this could be sufficient to deep clean your room in under two hours. Before you start your quick deep cleaning, remember to put on your pair of gloves. Your rubber gloves protect your sensitive skin from harsh detergent chemicals and prolonged usage of water. 

Start at the top

You might want to start cleaning at the top. This could mean getting the dust off your ceiling fans. It is always best to start at the top so that the dust that falls from the top can be easily cleaned while you begin to work on the ground. Use your mini ladder and your microfiber cloth to clean the dust off your fans and lights. As a single bedroom usually has one fan and a couple of lights, this won’t take you much time to tick off the list. 

Head for the glass panes

The windows may have stubborn stains because of its one-sided exposure to the outside. These stains are visible and may need a bit of an effort to get rid of. Since the stains are tougher, you can use a store-bought glass cleaner instead of plain or soapy water. These glass cleaners have a great combination of chemicals that can get rid of tough stains in a single wipe. Before you know it, your window panes will be squeaky clean

Dusting Dusting

Use a cloth to dust the furniture, bedside table tops, picture frames and other items in your room. You can follow this up with a wet wipe. Don’t forget to use your wet wipe on door knobs and cupboard handles. This way you’re sure that the dust particles are completely cleared. 

Time for the vacuum cleaner

Place the correct cleaning head on the vacuum cleaner and get moving. From the floor to curtain fabrics to the bedroom sofa upholstery, make the vacuum cleaner do the job. Point the vacuum cleaner against deep cracks and crevices and nooks and corners that may be tough to reach. 

Disinfect the room

With all the soapy water you have used and the dusting you have done, your room is already bug free, However, to be very sure, it’s now time to take out the weapons of destruction- the anti-bug spray and the disinfectant spray. You can spray small amounts in corners, dark spaces and bedsides. These are places where bugs like to thrive. 

Fresh bed linen

You can relax only after you get the smell of fresh sheets. Remember to change your bed linen in the final act of deep cleaning. Your room is ready and your bed is just waiting to offer you a good night’s sleep.