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A clean office ensures fewer sick leaves and increased productivity for your employees. Moreover, a squeaky clean environment at work can help improve focus and workplace ethics and even reduce stress and anxiety. Despite being a closed space, the air inside an office is often filled with pollen, bacteria and numerous microbes. Using proven methods and equipment, the commercial cleaning services of Qatar can help you eliminate these from your workplace. But before you hire a commercial cleaning company in Qatar, take a look at the top 5 best options out there.

Spick and Span Cleaning

Established in 2017, Spick and Span provides professional cleaning services of superior quality for your office spaces. With the vision of keeping Qatar “clean and green”, Spick and Span are constantly trying to upgrade themselves and provide customers with the best value. They provide upholstery cleaning and even create a customised program for each of their customers, keeping in mind their budgetary limitations and operational curbstones. They have worked with McDonald’s, Baskin Robbins, Pizza Papa John’s, Doha Golf Club, and Wellcare Group.

Scrubs Best Maid Service and Cleaning Services 

With over 15 years of experience, Scrubs is one of the best maid service providers in Qatar. They are among the only agencies to be certified by the British Institute of Cleaning Sciences. Scrubs Service provides their maids with a special training program that teaches them about the 5 cleaning rules. By following the guidelines of international cleaning standards, Scrubs maintains its position of being a five-star-rated commercial maid service in Qatar.

Qatar Maid Services 

Prime & best commercial cleaning services in Qatar, Qatar Maid Service largest and most efficient commercial cleaning companies in Qatar. By following a fixed schedule, they can help you maintain workplace hygiene. Qatar Maid Services believes in “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” and is therefore a strong advocate of maintaining hygiene at the workplace. Their range of services includes but is not limited to cleaning reception areas, office lounges, kitchens, store rooms, hallways, carpets and sofas. With a hardworking and skilled team of more than 300 staff, they are willing to provide services according to their customer’s needs.

Peace Enterprises W. L. L

Peace Enterprise is one of the best commercial cleaning services in Qatar that offers exceptional cleaning services.  Being a strong believer in environment-friendly products, they use non-toxic and bio-friendly chemicals. They also use the latest gadgets and equipment in the market. Their staff are not only well trained but vetted too. They provide services like waste removal, floor mopping, window cleaning, scratch removal, carpet vacuuming, and floor polishing, among others.

Fresho Cleaning Services

This company lays massive emphasis on the environmental benefits of cleanliness and hygiene. They provide both residential house cleaning as well as commercial cleaning services in Qatar. When providing their services, Fresho puts priority on the environment. This means the company avoids using any type of harsh chemicals that may pollute the soil upon discharge. If you wish to have your commercial space maintained in top cleanliness while caring for the environment, then Fresho is a great choice.


Al Nasasa Cleaning & Pest Control

The cleaning crew at Al Nasasa is not only equipped with the latest technology but also trained to use this technology to the fullest. When employing their services, you will experience safety at its best. This is because all of their employees are 100% accountable to the company. Moreover, they are accessible and available 24 hours a day via a dedicated customer support team. With such a high level of service offerings, Al Nasasa Cleaning & Pest Control could be a good choice for your commercial space.

Middle East Cleaning Co. (MECC)

One of the most versatile commercial cleaning services in Qatar, MECC boasts a plethora of cleaning products and services. While they also provide residential cleaning, their commercial cleaning services are the real feather in their cap. From offices and commercial cleaning to hospitality property clean-up, MECC always relies on the best cleaning team. They have also served several prominent customers in Qatar like DHL, Worley, Richmond International School, and Doha College. In fact, MECC is usually the first choice of several government departments and ministries of Qatar. This can give you a good idea about the level of service quality you can expect from MECC.

Metro Group of Cleaning Service 

Metro Group is one of the award-winning commercial cleaning services that aim to provide services to clients with budgetary restrictions. They provide the same cleaning expert every day at the same time. Catering to the needs of commercial customers, they tend to strategise their plan of action. Moreover, they disinfect every corner of your office, leaving no place for any kind of bacteria, viruses, or germs. With clients like Plaza Mall, Hayat Universal School, and Dafna Palace, Metro Group has built its own space in this industry. 

The Final Word

Studies have shown that the cleaner your office is, the happier your staff are. Moreover, a clean office creates a great impression both with the employees and visitors/clients. This is because your office is a meeting point for several kinds of people. With the help of premium commercial cleaning companies in Qatar, like Qatar Maid Service, you can now keep your office spotless and polished 24×7.