The daily top cleaning can be done with ease but when it comes to deep cleaning, many often debate on whether to do it weekly or monthly. Although it’s tough to decide exactly which cleaning style is better, we can take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of a weekly clean Vs a monthly clean and decide what best works for you.  

Advantages of Weekly Cleaning

Less Burden

When you hire a cleaning services company every week, there will be less burden on you. Knowing that your home will be cleaned soon takes a load off your chest. 

Time Saver

The more often you have someone come to clean your home, the more time and energy you can save. You can channelise this time and energy into your hobbies, while leaving the cleaning job to the experts. 

Cleaner Home

Obviously, your home will be cleaner than if it is cleaned every month. A home cleaned every week is fresher and more spotless than a home that is cleaned every month

Easier to Clean

It’s always easier to get rid of fresh stains immediately, than to try and get rid of it after a while. Stains left over for days can become stubborn and tough to remove. However, when cleaned relatively quicker, it is easier to swipe off. 

Reduced Dust and Allergens

Regular cleaning minimizes dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens that can trigger allergies and respiratory problems.

Easier Maintenance of Minor Messes

Weekly cleaning prevents minor messes from turning into major ones. A quick wipe-up becomes less necessary when surfaces are already clean.

Ideal for Families with Pets or Young Children

 Pets and young children can create messes quickly. Weekly cleaning helps stay on top of these messes before they become overwhelming.

Peace of Mind

Knowing your home is consistently clean can reduce stress and free up mental space.

Disadvantages of Weekly Cleaning

Weekly cleaning has its disadvantages too.

Cost: May not be economical

Hiring weekly cleaning services might not be a viable option. It may be more expensive than a monthly service package. However, Qatar Maid Services, a professional cleaning service company in Qatar, offers affordable weekly and monthly cleaning services for your home and office. 

Might not be necessary

Weekly cleaning can be adopted if the workload at home is more. For example, if you are a family of 6, the home might get dirtier and messier than if you are just a family of two. So, weekly cleaning may not be proportionate to the amount of accumulated workload over the week.

Less Flexibility

 You’ll need to be comfortable with someone coming into your home on a recurring basis.

Advantages of Monthly Cleaning Services


Monthly cleaning services may be a more affordable option for many. Deep cleaning your home every month may be less expensive than hiring a cleaning services company every week. However, there are many top cleaning service companies like Qatar Maid Services that offer affordable cleaning packages.

Suitable for Tidy Homes or Minimal Mess

If you live in a small apartment or keep a generally clean home, monthly cleaning might be sufficient to maintain that level of tidiness.

Disadvantage of Monthly Cleaning Services

Long Gap

One of the main disadvantages of monthly cleaning services is that your home won’t be deep cleaned for a month. If the activity levels in your home are high, hiring monthly cleaning services might be too long a gap before the next clean. 

More Workload

If you hire a cleaning services company on a monthly basis, you might have a higher workload during the month. You may not be the type who would just leave dust hanging around for a month, waiting for the cleaning service company to take care of it. You might just want to dust it off yourself. This increases your workload during the month.

Potential for Dust and Allergen Buildup

 Waiting a month between cleanings can allow dust and allergens to accumulate, which may be problematic for allergy sufferers.

Accumulated Work

Some cleaning jobs require more time and effort than others. Waiting for a whole month for your cleaners to arrive may result in accumulated work, which the cleaners, though experts, may not be able to complete on a single day in a month. 

Deciding whether to hire weekly cleaning services or monthly cleaning services depends purely on personal choice and actual requirements. Looking at these advantages and disadvantages of weekly cleaning Vs Monthly cleaning- which one do you think is appropriate for your needs?